Christopher Johnson: WNYC's 'The Realness'

Our special guest is WNYC’s audio reporter Christopher Johnson, co-host of ‘The Realness’. Christopher alongside co-host Mary Harris created a 6 part health podcast about rap superstar Prodigy, his music, and his battle with the rare blood disorder Sickle Cell Anemia. Using never-before-heard audiotape of Prodigy discussing life with sickle cell and exclusively-obtained medical records, “The Realness” reveals how the disease touched almost every aspect of his life: from the sound of his rhymes to the circumstances of his death in 2017. The series goes beyond Prodigy’s story to explore the broader issues surrounding sickle cell anemia – a condition that overwhelmingly affects black Americans and is chronically underfunded.

In this interview we learn more about Christopher, his career as a reporter, and of course we get into his dope show “The Realness”

Corey Cambridge