Joanne Faryon: LA Times 'Room 20'

Our special guest this episode is award winning journalist and Columbia University Journalism professor Joanne Faryon host of the current #1 in the country ‘Room 20’. From L.A. Times Studios and the team that brought you “Dirty John” and “Man in the Window,” comes “Room 20,” a story about a man who has been unconscious for 15 years, his identity and the truth about his accident. Joanne’s two-year journey is filled with twists and turns and at the end of this series she finally reveals who this man really is. 

I met up with Joanne on the campus of Columbia University. We chat about her new life here in New York City, her career in journalism, we get her podcasters picks and of course we get into her dope show ‘Room 20’.

Corey Cambridge