M. Tony Peralta: Legendary NYC Artist and Fashion Designer

Our special guest this episode is legendary New York City artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur Tony Peralta. A native of Washington Heights, Tony is the living definition of what it is to be a New Yorker. A Dominican American born to immigrant parents, Mr. Peralta began his professional artistic career as a graphic designer. His art inspired by his Dominican heritage, New York City and hip-hop culture has been revered by art lovers and critics around the world. Tony is also the founder of Taller Peralta, a clothing line with a Flagship location in his native Washington Heights neighborhood where he was raised. 

In this interview I got to chat with Tony in his Washington Heights apartment about growing up in New York City, how his career in art began, we talk Taller Peralta, he shares entrepreneurshup  insights and so much more.

Corey Cambridge