Lazerbeak: Founder of Doomtree Records

Our special guest this episode is Minneapolis Minnesota hip-hop producer Lazerbeak. Lazerbeak is also the founder of Doomtree Records, an independent label and creative collective based in his native Minneapolis. He along with producer Ryan Olsen co-produced Lizzo’s first album ‘Lizzobangers’ back in 2013 when she was first getting her start and an up and coming artist in Minnesota.

I flew out to Minnesota and met Lazerbeak for an interview at the Doomtree Headquarters to learn more about his life and career, the scene in Minneapolis, how he founded Doomtree Records, we get into how he met Lizzo for the 1st time, the makings of her debut album ‘Lizzobangers’, he offers vital advice for independent artist in smaller markets and so much more.

Corey Cambridge